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Survival Commando Escape

Survival Commando Escape

1.3 by Wild Survival Simulator
(0 Reviews) May 15, 2024
Survival Commando Escape Survival Commando Escape Survival Commando Escape Survival Commando Escape Survival Commando Escape

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May 15, 2024
Wild Survival Simulator
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Female Green Beret
a commando of US military is travelling along the coastal island on US cargo military helicopter. Security of USA and its military alliance is based on this secret mission. This camouflage commando has to remain unspotted during the secret mission of the military establishment. Suddenly a powerful wind storm hits the US cargo military helicopter above the ocean and destroys it. Mr. John gets stranded in middle of the deep ocean. By swimming as a hero, he reaches an island. Now he has to struggle for life, cBoat a shelter for residence and try to escape and complete his secret mission. Challenging escape missions are waiting for our hero on the lonely island. The only weapon for him is an axe to cut woods, face ferocious animals etc. Be a survival hero and cBoat your own Boat for survival. The ocean is full of dangerous animal. To avoid these animals, cBoating the Boat is the best possible solution. Your Boat will make your loneliness lessen and survival possible. The loneliness of our hero and his heroic struggle all are summed up in the Boat Survival Commando Escape simulation game.

Boat Survival Commando Escape Features:
- Gameplay demands skillful commando mind. CBoating the Boat and provision of necessaries requires hero like qualities.
- Usage of multiple weapons such as axe, wood and stones for cBoating the Boat as well as ammunition for security.
- Being lonely is another great issue overcoming loneliness will be a huge task.
- Realistic ocean environment, amazing 3D graphics are waiting for you in Boat Survival Commando Escape.
- Secret mission reminds us of the great wars and intelligence practices.

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